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Special Events & Tourism


Advisor: Dr. Samuel Lankford

Contact: 559.278.2624 or

The Special Events & Tourism option provides opportunities for careers organizing and promoting events in sports, nature, music, the arts, government or business conventions. 

Many business, governments and nonprofit organizations create, plan and execute a wide variety of recreational activities and events, and they hire full-time or contract staff to manage them.

In addition, government park and recreation organizations hold annual events that require professional planning and management from an outside contractor, or within the department of parks and recreation.

An event coordinator solicits exhibitors and negotiates contracts, setting up booths, assigning vendor spots and attracting the public to the event. Festivals include events such as chili cook-offs, wine and music events, arts and crafts shows, job fairs, carnivals, main street special events, and health fairs.

This option is organized to help students who want to work in the event planning profession, whether it be private, public or nonprofit. Graduates can also seek employment at resorts, wineries, main street organizations, and private clubs.

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